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Antonio Guterres

Climate change disproportionately impacts women and girls and has been described as a ‘women’s rights crises’.  United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres

Our Future Picks Up Our Past

Artist: Meghan Robertson
Location: Zonta Club of Owen Sound, District 4, Canada

(A child participates in a litter pickup in Owen Sound, ON Canada)

Children will inherit the planet. As adults, we owe future generations the effort of minimizing our impact on the planet. We can make changes in what we buy, our home heating systems and the vehicle we drive. And sometimes, it’s as easy as picking up a piece of litter.

Discarded items like single-use plastic food packaging can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and ground water. Carelessly discarded items empty directly into the beautiful river that runs through our town, via street grates. There they can harm plant life, fish and other aquatic creatures that are integral parts of a healthy eco-system.

Medium: Photograph