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“The climate crisis is not ‘gender neutral’. Women and girls experience the greatest impacts of climate change, which amplifies existing gender inequalities and poses unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety.” – UN Women

A Letter to Mother Earth: Love Wins

Artist: Andrea Lenz
Location: Zonta Club of Dresden, District 27, Germany

Thank you Mother Earth for your beautiful nature and all the wonderful beings on your planet. Thank you for your selfless generosity and infinite support.

Since a very long time, we have been able to indulge in an absolutely perfect system, which is called nature and creation. All over the world, creation is the most mysterious process, generating life. But, recently, the secret and the magic of Mother Earth’s planet are being endangered. Hopefully, human awareness, respect, gratitude, and LOVE will reduce suffering and stop the decline of our unique world.

Medium: Photographs