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Antonio Guterres

Climate change disproportionately impacts women and girls and has been described as a ‘women’s rights crises’.  United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres


Artist: Renee Coppock​
Location: Zonta Club of Billings, District 12, Montana, USA​

Climate change has resulted in extreme heat, unyielding drought, and menacing wildfires that are sweeping across Montana and the rest of North America with an unprecedented ferocity.  These wildfires are not just blazes – they are infernos that defy the norms, consuming everything in their path with merciless speed and intensity, often rendering response mechanisms futile.​

​The toll caused by these wildfires is not merely measured in dollars, but also in the silent cries of ecosystems on the brink of disaster, in the sheltered remains of communities, and in the haunting echoes of lives tragically lost.  The economic losses, soaring into the billions, are meaningless compared to the scars etched on the landscapes and hearts of those who bear witness to this climatic calamity.​

Medium: Photography