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“The climate crisis is not ‘gender neutral’. Women and girls experience the greatest impacts of climate change, which amplifies existing gender inequalities and poses unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety.” – UN Women


Artist: Renee Coppock​
Location: Zonta Club of Billings, District 12, Montana, USA​

The lives claimed by climate change are not mere statistics – they are real people, cherished members of families and friendship circles, and beloved souls mourned by those left behind.  Their absence creates a void, aching with the weight of grief that transcends numbers and charts.​

​Let the memories of these climate change victims be more than mere recollections; let them be the rallying cry for a revolution – a revolution that shakes the foundations of complacency and stirs the collective conscience.  ​

In their memory, we must unite in a shared commitment to change.  We must become the architects of action and the custodians of hope, forging a path that alters the trajectory of our planet’s fate.​

Medium: Photograph