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“The climate crisis is not ‘gender neutral’. Women and girls experience the greatest impacts of climate change, which amplifies existing gender inequalities and poses unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety.” – UN Women

Forest Fire

Artist: Mita Mitra
Location: Supporting Zonta Member​, Germany​

My painting recaptures a scene of a forest fire in Saxon Switzerland, a national park in eastern Germany.   Renowned for its freestanding sandstone cliffs and dense greenery, this region burst into flames in the hot summer of 2022.  I saw photos of charred trees and some still standing stalwart amidst red flames in the national park.  ​

​On a family vacation to Australia in 2018 I witnessed a wildfire.  While driving along Princes Highway to Melbourne, we noticed the sky had suddenly turned dark.  Grey smoke billowed from a nearby forest, and eventually, we saw burning bushes.  ​

​This moment has a place in my recreation of a forest fire.  I would like to give recognition here to all fire-fighters who work in life-threatening situations.​

Medium: Acrylic