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Antonio Guterres

Climate change disproportionately impacts women and girls and has been described as a ‘women’s rights crises’.  United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres

See Me – In the Heart of the Old Cottonwood Tree

Artist: Julie Trone
Location: Zonta Club of Fort Collins, District 12​, Colorado, USA​

Climate change has placed an exclamation point on the need for more natural spaces and sustainable practices.  Can we explore new skills to embody protecting our planet, our natural spaces, and respect the change that needs to occur to survive?    ​

The pencil drawing of the baby owl peering out of the tree represented a time of exploring the skill of drawing which I did not believe I was capable of learning. It became the inspiration for this poem.  The intent is to provoke questions about the true value of nature.    

As a fan of mixed media, the piece was created as if it is layered.  The glasses were a last-minute whimsy in honor of my family of glasses wearers.  The background photo was taken early one cold winter morning while walking the dog. 

Medium: Digital Mixed Media