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Antonio Guterres

Climate change disproportionately impacts women and girls and has been described as a ‘women’s rights crises’.  United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres


Artist: Suzanne Lees
Location: Zonta Club of Melbourne on Yarra, District 23, Australia

The Tarkine (Tarkayna – indigenous name) is in northwest Tasmania, Australia. Largely
unchanged since it was part of the supercontinent Gondwana, 60 million years ago.
This wilderness area includes Australia’s largest remaining temperate rainforest. Its
predominantly tall, cathedral-like myrtle forest trees grow to 50 meters and reach an age of
500 years.

The Tarkine acts as an excellent carbon sink absorbing CO2 and the forest provides clean
water and soil protection.

Yet the Tarkine is largely unprotected and is threatened by mining and logging but also
particularly by climate change heightened fire risk and disease from insects able to thrive in
warmer conditions.

Save the Tarkine

Medium: Photograph